Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Do You Think You Are? How To Develop Your Brand Identity

Who are you? One question. Three words. It seems so simple really, but in the world of branding and marketing, it’s not always as simple as it sounds….but it IS important.

“Who are you?” is one of the most crucial questions a company can answer. Your values, your beliefs, your products….all of these components create a cohesive brand identity that helps differentiate your brand amongst competitors. Consumers who have a clear idea of who a brand is and what they are about is a game changer that can help strengthen brand loyalty and gain new adopters.

Though “Who you are?” is a easy question to ask, it’s not always easy to answer. Here are four  ways you can determine your unique brand identity.

Understand the Perception. What do consumers know about you? What do they think? How are you perceived? You may think your brand is communicating one thing, but the message that consumers receive may be completely different. Knowing who your target audience is and where you stand will help give you direction of how and what you need to communicate, and identifies gaps that you may need to address. Clarity and consistency is key.

Know the Competition. There’s always going to be competitors, but there is only going to be one you. Knowledge is power. By understanding who your competitors are and what they are about, you can identify how your company stands out from the rest. Showcasing your brand’s differences and unique messages can help attract consumers and further define and attract your target audience.

Identify What You Stand For. Your company’s mission, values and purpose are all components that make up the compass of your brand identity. Your values are what your company will stand on for years and years. Before you can plant seeds of marketing and messaging, you have to have healthy, nutrient-rich soil. Everything grows from a solid foundation of strong values and defined mission.

Determine A Cohesive Look & Feel. Think about how you communicate your individual identity. The clothes you wear, the way you talk, the way you stand and move….these characteristics combine to create a complete reflection of who you are. It’s the same with a company. The font choices, color schemes, verbiage, logo, and overall look and feel reflect your brand identity. It’s important to hone in on a look and feel that reflects your company accurately. For example, it would not make much sense for a serious business corporation to use casual language and bursts of bright, child-like colors and accents. Keep the look and feel consistent across all marketing channels—from website to social media to commercials and correspondence—so the message is heard loud and clear.

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