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By Hatch Marketing

For many years, hunting and fishing manufacturers would make public announcements via magazines, newspapers, and television. This traditional marketing was the best means to reach a prospective customer about new developments or products by the organization. With the addition of the internet, news spread faster, but still many relied on traditional techniques to make announcements. Today, a traditional outdoor industry PR announcement is rarely even effective. It surely is not cost effective. The hybrid ads introducing a new product via a magazine or TV commercial can still have a major influence, but they must be strategically planned and monitored appropriately in order to determine effectiveness.

Most businesses place an ad in a magazine or on TV, and assume that because of the platform, it will succeed in the outdoor industry. Unfortunately, knowing how many people were reached or better yet how many people engaged with the ad (went to your website, etc.) is completely unknown unless there are specific steps taken. Although simple, many hunting and fishing businesses fail to execute the most important step in advertising – “what’s next?”

Call to Action

First off, there must be a definitive call to action (CTA) for the consumer. An attractive informative ad is great, and that’s the first real hook. Obviously, if your ad looks of poor quality then people are also going to consider your brand and products to be similar in quality. So after the obvious, consumers need direction. Most hunting and fishing businesses are way too timid in their ads. Tell the consumer what to do next!

“Visit Your Local Dealer…”

“Check Out More Details on Our Website…”

The more direction given to the consumer, the more results of the advertisement you desire. If you want to send people to your website, do so with a trackable link or a unique landing page. That way you understand where traffic is coming from specific to the ad or publication. Do not put too much information in the ad. It simply should be enticing enough to know what the next step is, then take it.


But what about standard announcements like partnerships, acquisitions, statements on the event, or new team members? Fortunately, the world of PR syndication is very streamlined. The major syndicates for hunting and fishing businesses like Outdoor Wire, Archery Wire, PRNews, and PRWeb allow massive reach and PR distribution with literally the push of a button. From other businesses to personalities to news channels, PR syndication online can reach millions of prospective readers if strategically placed.

The key to any successful PR move is to make sure it is targeting the right crowd. Though many still consider any PR good PR, that’s not always true, especially when dealing with hunting and fishing businesses. The anti-hunting community can pounce and through hunting businesses to the “mainstream” wolves. In many situations, this creates a firestorm that is tough to put out. However, a detailed targeted PR to hunting, fishing, and outdoor consumers can land a lot of positive results for an ad campaign.

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