Evaporative Solutions – Case Study

Evaporative Solutions, an international wastewater treatment company, enlisted Hatch Marketing to spearhead the rebrand of the business and kickstart a comprehensive communications strategy. Evaporative Solutions already had a strong foothold within their specific industry space, but clarity and separation were lacking between Evaporative Solutions and sister company, Snowmakers International. The business and sales sides were robust…yet the communications and marketing needed a boost.


The Hatch team began a necessary and helpful dialogue to inspire meaningful discussion with the Evaporative Solutions leadership team. Hatch identified communication gaps, then created solutions that focused on developing a strong brand identity and clear communications between consumers and the company. Hatch created a new mission and vision statement for Evaporative Solutions, designed several new logo options, and instilled a plan for the Hatch creative team to compose industry-related blogs to position the company as an industry leader.

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