The Difference Between Creative Agencies and Creative Marketing Agencies

Creative Marketing | Creative Agencies and Creative Marketing Agencies

By Hatch Marketing Group

One of the most important aspects of a marketing campaign regardless of industry is the capture of the end consumer’s attention. Whether business to business (B2B) or direct to consumer, the visual captivation must be strong and relatable or the remainder of the marketing message will be ignored. However, there is so much more than just pretty colors and fancy text. To create a complete marketing message that is both captivating and triggers the action in which the client business desires, you must create an entire engaging campaign from impression to conversion.

One of the biggest failures by a company is mistaking a creative agency for a creative marketing agency. Though a very useful resource, creative agencies mainly focus on the visual details of a project. Though this can be critical to convert an initial impression, the actual action the make next sources from a much deeper campaign message. To create a memorable, but actionable campaign, the company at the helm must include all aspects of creative marketing. This includes the design elements of the graphic, but more so the targeted audience of placement, call to action (CTA) of the campaign, and trackable conversion.

Many creative agencies can provide compelling graphical assets, yet lack the knowledge and skills to trigger an action, from a targeted end consumer, leading to a destination of interest for a marketing (or sales) conversion. A creative marketing agency will be composed of team members from both wings, from graphic designers to marketers. A creative marketing agency will be able to lead a consumer through the entire process from impression to conversion.

Let’s take a look at an example…

Actual Creative Marketing

Print advertisement is becoming increasingly harder to achieve marketing ROI. Primarily because of the changing marketing landscape, with the onset of digital. Between print, TV, and digital the end consumer receives many ad impressions daily with a multitude of call to actions (CTAs). With many outdoor-oriented print ads varying in cost from $2,500 to $10,000, creating an effective message and call to action is critical for ROI success.

A creative print ad with lifestyle imagery and a logo may catch the attention of an end consumer, but what is that consumers next step? This may be the most critical piece once they look at the ad. A clear, concise call to action to do something such as, “Visit our website [URL]” or “Call Your Local Pro Shop.” Any CTA, like those above, will direct the consumer to the appropriate next step needed in the conversion cycle.


Creating effective graphics is a critical part of the marketing and sales product, but the greatest graphic in the world can be a huge miss if the consumer doesn’t know what to do next. Therefore, creative marketing agencies are much more equipped for complete marketing/sales cycle success.

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